This article will help you find a few extra discounts if your looking for insurance savings.  These 5 discounts are usually available from most carriers and can have a significant impact on your premium.

Mileage/App Download (Growing Popularity)

This is a somewhat newer feature for the auto insurance industry.  I have seen these discount programs evolve from plug in devices in the first years to app downloads most recently.  The android/iphone downloads are the easiest way to take advantage of this savings.  Most major carriers have some version of this program available.  The discount immediately applied to your policy is usually between 5-10% just for participating.  The bigger savings is realized once you complete the program and earn a much bigger discount.  However, if you like to live your own version of Mad Max on I-35 during traffic hour you may want to skip this program.

Telematics Auto Insurance Discount

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